KT_Look Dev/Render Tests , done in 3ds max and Vray. Detail hand sculpted in Zbrush. Hair done with zbrush fibermesh, converted to splines and rendered with vray hair material. Also tried a few colour grading options on different renders to enhance the mood. Newest images using vray alSurface shader, previous renders using Vray skin shader.

KT_r47 work in progress. This model was done as a concept sketch and a practice device for the zbrush hard edge / dynamesh workflow. It's still a WIP as most of the suit is still in part dynamesh, part Zmodeler. I had the chance to try out Keyshot with the zbrush bridge so I ended up setting out some render tests. The suit has no Uw's or textures it's manly keyshot shaders tweaked. The head is the only bit I spent a bit more time and has Uw's and textures, and it was modeled with no symmetry as a practice test.